Can you practice normal scooter tricks with an Indo?

Can you practice normal scooter tricks with an Indo?
If you’re on this page, it means that you’re looking for a way to improve or practice your stunt scooter tricks. So let’s get to it!
An Indo trick scooter is different from a normal trick scooter. The most obvious difference is that scooter does not have wheels. Bearing that in mind, you’d be right to assume that the scooter will be lighter. Our deck is also made from a special foam material that will allow you to land more difficult tricks - and if you hit yourself with it, it won’t hurt as much as getting hit the typical metal scooter desk.
From the photo above, you can see that the scooter’s deck is flexible, and the flexibility of the deck give you opportunities to come up with awesome new tricks and challenges like the “Indo Quint Challenge”.
And remember, you can practice the majority of your tricks with the Indo scooter in your house without the need for a trampoline or a sunny day. Even in the middle of winter, even if it’s raining or snowing, you can still practice in the comfort of your room and keep your magic touch.
We leave you with some tricks that you can land with both a normal scooter and an Indo Scooter: Bar Whip, Kickless, Bri Butter Cup, Bri Flat, Bri Twi Single or Double, and many more. 
Here is our instagram where you can check out all of these tricks and many more being landed by our whole community!