In this video, Veeti Tuutti will show and teach you how to tailwhip with your INDO trick scooter. Watch the video and practice the trick by following these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Start by positioning yourself on the scooter with your dominant foot at the back and the other foot at the front.

  2. Begin to hop slightly off the ground while keeping your feet on the deck; this will help you build up momentum for the trick.

  3. As you hop, swing your non-dominant foot behind you while simultaneously spinning the deck with your dominant foot. This is the tailwhip motion.

  4. As the deck spins around, jump and spin your body in the same direction as the deck.

  5. Catch the deck with your non-dominant foot as it completes its rotation, while also placing your dominant foot back on the deck.

  6. Land back on the scooter and get ready to perform another trick.

That's it! The main things to keep in mind are to get enough height on your jump and learn to spin the deck. Make sure you watch the video to see some variations from Veeti, and subscribe to our channel to get the latest videos!