In this video, Veeti Tuutti will show and teach you how to rewind with your INDO trick scooter. Watch the video and practice the trick by following these step-by-step instructions:

(Before you start, make sure you have mastered the tailwhip and heelwhip)

Veeti recommends doing heel rewinds first because it's easier to land. With whip rewinds, it's easier to kick but harder to land. Try which one is easier for you and start with that.

  1. Position yourself on the scooter deck with your dominant foot in front.

  2. Begin to hop slightly off the ground while keeping your feet on the deck; this will help you build up momentum for the trick.

  3. As you hop, perform a heelwhip with your dominant foot.

  4. When the deck has spun 180 degrees, perform a tailwhip with your other foot. The best way to perform a rewind is to use the bottom of your feet; that way, you won't get hurt.

  5. After the tailwhip, catch the deck with your feet to land safely. And that's it!

Try to kick the deck as far back as possible to get the best rotation. The common mistake with rewinds is using too much force, so try to do the rewind as smoothly as possible.

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