In this video, Veeti Tuutti will show and teach you how to fingerwhip with your INDO trick scooter. Watch the video and practice the trick by following these step-by-step instructions:

(Before you start, make sure you have mastered the tailwhip)

  1. Start by firmly gripping the handlebars of your scooter and ensuring a balanced stance.

  2. Begin to hop slightly off the ground while keeping your feet on the deck; this will help you build up momentum for the trick.

  3. As you hop, pull your scooter up and hit the deck with your hand. If your stance is goofy, pull your scooter up with your right hand and then hit the deck with your left hand. If your stance is regular, do the opposite.

  4. Practice, practice, practice. Start by doing the trick on a trampoline first. When you feel confident enough, do it on a flat surface.

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